Vincent Messelier

Brand Development, Brand Applications


A good friend and a fellow artist. We developed a brand identity that would represent him as an artist and a brand.

Vincent Messelier is born in Kortrijk. Belgium on 06/10/67. He started his first painting in May 2006. He is a completely self-taught, artist who is very passionate about his art . Vincent paints from his heart and soul with some jazzy music on the background. Depending on the moment or his mood, some other music can inspire his work.

In March 2011 he decided to sell his credit management office, he had started up in 1992 and chose to live his real passion… Art.

Vincent has developed his own kind of style: “meridianism”. He works with pallet knives and you always can recognize vertical and horizontal stripes and lines that are corrections of the chaos he sometimes put on the canvas. They are referring to the meridians of the Globe. Acryl is his medium and sometimes he combines with pieces of wood, foam or other materials.

Brand Development

The Vincent Messelier brand identity(logo) revolved in the names initials which is the “V” and the “M“. The colors used for the brand identy are black and gold. “Black” reflecting slickness and classicness in the Entrepreneur industry complimented by “Gold“ which reflects Royalness and prosperity.

Overall the symbol VM is influenced by Vincent’s style in “meridianism” which is the art style he is patronizing.

The following brand identity applications are influenced by one of his recognizable achievements where he won an award - “Nelson Mandela“ (painting on the right).