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We Brew and Serve Ideas

Across mediums of print & digital, we have collaborated with marketing and advertising executives and led small businesses to large organizations and create a high visual content that drives increased company revenue. TH3MONKEYS team of specialists creatively deliver effective integrated campaigns, brand development and activations, art direction, graphic design and tailormade branding & marketing solutions.

We Create Brands

TH3MONKEYS are in the business of creating brands. Nothing gets us more excited than working with a startup brand and help them grow to be an established household name. We believe that a brand’s success and growth through our process becomes our trophy. Let us help you establish your brand or concept and turn them into reality.

We Make Brands Communicate

Executing an eye candy marketing material for print or digital is great, but without reaching or communicating to its target audience, it just becomes a meaningless piece of art that is good to look at. Brand communication is a science of connecting your brand to its target audience. It is an important part and tool of brand management by which the companies inform, persuade, enlighten, teach, remind, and enrich the knowledge of their stakeholders about the brand, its strengths, values, fundamentals, and its offerings of products and services.

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play of the instinct. Open endless possibilities with the mind of a kid.”

People tend to forget that “Play” is a serious business. Deep meaning often lies in childish creativity, without any bounderies and endless possibilities. A brilliant thinker once said that everybody is born with an infinite power to create and influence. Every newborn, a new idea begins.

TH3MONKEYS unleashes an unassuming, honest brand of inner child into our creative process. We believe play is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

A Brand is not Just a Name nor a Symbol.

It signifies “Life”, just like any active individual who has attributes, identity and the ability to communicate towards its environment and surroundings. A brand personifies credibility, quality, and value. On the contrary all living things can only withstand a certain lifespan no matter how it preserves its wellbeing. However, a successful brand can endure the test of time, provided that constant progress should be given.

What is a Brand Dialogue?

Successful marketing campaigns leave behind a legacy and brand establishment of the products or services in the hearts and minds of the clients and consumers. Take note that it doesn’t mean you released an advertisement one time and expect to be successful over night. It takes continous follow-ups and market visibility to be a household name and be recognized. It is like the saying “you harvest what you sow“, similarly in marketing it’s “visibility” and “engaging communication materials” develops a dialogue between Brands & Target Audience.

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