Offline Catalogue App Interface Development

Company Overview

VERTECO’s Waterless Urinal technology has saved clients globally an estimated 750 million cubic metres of water, AED 9 billion and 14.7 million kilos of carbon.

VERTECO are pioneers in Waterless Urinal Technology and inventors of the world's first retrofit Waterless Urinal System in 1993. Removing the need to change existing urinal fixtures to go waterless, our clients can achieve quick and significant savings in both water rand money.


VERTECO wants to develop an offline tablet marketing and presentation app for their “waterless urinal solutions”wherein the presenter can showcase the waterless urinal products and their application in a more pleasing approach interms of visual presentation.


Although waterless urinal solution products has a high positive selling factor, on their own it lacks visual appeal. We have developed an app interface that sets the viewers mood to stay focused and interested with the presentation. We have created an interactive interface environment that is executed with appealing deisgn elements yet complementing the main subject which is the - waterless urinal solution products.

App Interface Development

Crisp/fresh/calming design elements are used in the app interface to help engage the viewers interest and stay focus throughout the presenntation. We have created an interactive environment where it showcased the mass application of the waterless urinal product line.