Red Dragon Gym

Brand Development, Brand Applications

Brand Overview

Red Dragon Gym is not your regular private gym. Located on JBR Walk by the seaside, the gym offers a state of art facility providing members a great environment and atmosphere. Besides having a cutting-edge cardio and weight lifting session, Red Dragon Gym offers you the opportunity to boost your self confidence with Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Military Sambo or Kick Boxing classes.

Red Dragon Gym is also a bootcamp training ground to international mix martial artists like Badr Hari and Ramsey Nijem. The gym is also a breeding ground to aspiring athletes who wants to pursue a titled career.


The Red Dragon Gym brand development should portray the fiery/energetic vibe that the organization is opting for. The brand development and its brand application should be flexible to all sport categories and should have an international visual appeal.


The brand name “Red Dragon” was personified by an icon base logo design execution. A fiece dragon illustration was used as brand design elements thoughout the brand applications.


The Red Dragon Gym brand echoed positively in Dubai, and later on to the international audience. Having a brand icon that has an international appeal, the brand was visible globally as it was carried by mix martial artists who contends internationally.

Brand Identity (logo) Development

We developed a logo that would essentially breathe life to Red Dragon. Sketching from its oriental roots, we played with a literal dragon - symbolising strength, agility, and charged with dynamism. The oriental red-white colour scheme suggests a sharp, fiery brand that prominently stands out.

Red Dragon Gym
Brand Visibility

The Red Dragon Gym brand icon became visible on a global scale when it sponsored iconic mix martial artists, this transitioned its brand value to become iconic internationally.