Mamoso Flower Boutique

Print & Digital Marketing Materials

Brand Overview

Mamoso Flower Boutique is Dubai’s favourite floral designer specialising in delivering fresh flower bouquets and arrangements for all types of special occasions including, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, celebrations and corporate events.

At Mamoso, floral or plant design is not just a decorative attempt, but an essential part of anyone’s living space. Flowers and plants can attract happiness and elevate interiors, whether, at home, work or for a special occasion, Mamoso’s floristry style is intuitive, creative and natural.

International Women’s Day


Mamoso Flower Boutique wants to develop a brand communication visual for International Women's Day event which is celebrated globally every 8th of March. The objective of the brand visual communication material to be developed is to communicate that Mamoso Flower Boutique supports and participates in the IWD global event. Along the process, it is an opportunity for Mamoso to drive footfall in store or generate sales online through Mamoso's E-Commerce website.

The visual communication material should be adaptable in terms of resizing as it will be applied on various media platforms:-

  • Sunset Mall digital directory wallpaper
  • Sunset Mall website banners
  • Facebook Poster & Instagram Poster
  • Store Easel Artwork


The brand visual communication material to be developed should have a clear and simple message about "women empowerment and rights". The material should have a international visual appeal that should complement Mamoso's brand value that will engage the viewers/browsers in supporting and participating in the IWD event through availing Mamoso's products.

UAE Mother’s Day

  • Instagram poster
  • Sunset Mall website banner
  • Facebook poster
  • Mall digital directory wallpaper
  • Greeting card
  • Store framed poster